Celebrating 30 years of Building a Better River Region
One Family at a Time!


Our Mission & Reach

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Who We Are

 Gift of Life is committed to improving the health and well-being of   at-risk mothers and babies to build stronger communities.  

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Who We Serve

Gift of Life serves expectant and parenting moms and dads and children in Montgomery, Macon, Russell, Autauga, Pike and Crenshaw counties who are at a greater risk for infant mortality. We help our program participants reduce barriers to success, related to economic, social and health disparities and improve birth outcomes.

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What We Do

Gift of Life offers programs that are designed to meet the unique needs of families. All our programs are voluntary and                       offered at no cost. 

Our Results



Gift of Life’s Compliance & Quality Improvement staff track our progress toward meeting Healthy Start required performance measures throughout the fiscal year. It provides staff a detailed view on how program participants have benefited from Gift of Life’s programs over time and opportunities to better meet their needs.


78% of Gift of Life moms place their infant to sleep using safe sleep practices


53% of Gift of Life babies ages 6-23 months are read to three or more times per week


65% of Gift of Life babies are introduced to breastfeeding


71% of program fathers/partners attended appointments or classes during pregnancy


100% of our moms have a documented reproductive life plan


100%  of our moms receive perinatal depression and intimate partner violence screening


98% of GOL babies and 88% of our moms received a well child/mom visit postpartum


100% of GOL babies and 94% of moms have a health insurance

100% of GOL babies and 88% of moms have a usual source of medical care