Goals and Objectives

The CAN’s objective is to make a significant social impact in Montgomery that focuses on the relationship between organizations and the progress toward shared objectives.  The overall goal of the CAN is to create a systematic approach where organizations adjust and align their work with each other for greater outcomes, rather than working independently of each other. This is accomplished by:

  • Having a group of committed partners who are willing to make a long-term commitment to working together to achieve mutually agreed upon common goals

  • Representation by a cross section of the community, organizations and public/private sectors

  • Developing a common agenda that includes shared planning, goal setting, data and other resources

  • Collectively identifying a specific social problem and marshalling available community resources to positively impact it

CAN Membership

Members of the GOL Healthy Start CAN are diverse. It is made up of about 40 community partners, representing 20 non-profit organizations whose focus areas include poverty, lack of adequate housing, domestic violence, food insecurity, crime, health disparity, incarceration and mental health, HIV/AIDS outreach, early education, prenatal health and drug abuse. Each partner is already addressing one of the social determinates, or factors that influence Montgomery’s high infant mortality rate. They have bought into the CAN concept because they recognize that pooling resources to address the problems helps further each member organization’s impact.

CAN Activities/Projects

  • Implemented a service provider community assessment on local issues (health, economic, education, social) that matter most urgent in Montgomery

  • Developed a common agenda around a community problem that has been identified

  • Create resources that connect and inform the community of available resources

  • Engaged in mutually reinforcing activities to increase collective impact, which included:
    • Health fairs
    • Safe Sleep presentations
    • Child Care summit
    • Behavioral/mental health conferences
    • STD prevention presentation
    • School readiness/back to school events
    • Mobile dental clinics in elementary schools
    • Parenting fair/child care services

For information on how your organization can join our CAN network, call Mona Davis, Marketing and Community Outreach Director, at (334) 273-7800.