Fathers in Action uses the National Fatherhood Initiative’s 24:7 Dad curriculum which is based on some of the following key principles:

  • The ability to parent children successfully or unsuccessfully is largely a learned set of behaviors.

  • Fathers and mothers parent differently.

  • There are universal aspects of fathering and parenting that exist in all cultures.

  • Any father, given the chance, can learn to be a great dad and parent.

FIA supports fathers by equipping them with the skills they need to increase in the habits of good fathering/father involvement; increase in pro-fathering knowledge, skills and attitudes, and increase healthy interaction with the mother of their children.


  • Engaging, evidenced-based curriculum that is adapted to meet each father’s need

  • One-on-one mentoring with GOL’s fatherhood coach

  • Connection and support from other fathers during bi-monthly Group Connections for Dads

  • Referral to community resources

  • Live in Montgomery County, Alabama

  • FIA is offered at no cost


Gift of Life’s Fathers in Action initiative is offered to men who are connected to any mother or caregiver of a child enrolled in Gift of Life’s programs.

To enroll in Fathers in Action, call (334) 272-1820 or email  jyates@golfound.org.


Referral Information

Any man who is connected to a mother or caregiver enrolled in Gift of Life's programs.

To enroll in Fathers in Action, complete the Referral Form, or call (334) 272-1820 or email jyates@golfound.org for more information.

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Rickyna Miller – Parents as Teachers & Robert Smith – Fathers in Action

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