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Teething 101- From a Dentist & Dad

Teething is no fun for baby, mom or dad! Educate yourself on what to expect and what you can safely do to help your baby.

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How to Know if your Newborn Is Sick

Babies don’t come with instructions! Know what symptoms to look for, so you know when its time to call a doctor.

10 Positive Co-Parenting Tips

The relationship may have ended, but both parents can work together to rear a happy, healthy child.

10 Tips for How to Be a Great Dad Daily

Being a dad is all about finding your own path to what makes you and your kids happy. These tips can help. 

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10 Ways to Discipline Your Child Effectively

Discipline shouldn’t mean punishment. It should give a child tools to learn better behaviors.  

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The 10 Most Powerful Things You Can Say to Your Kids

Effective conversation helps parents create lasting, meaningful relationships with their kids. These 10 powerful statements can get you started.

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LaGaurdia Cross’ funny fatherhood series “New Father Chronicles” documents his adventures in parenting and offers advice for new dads.

His series has over 23 million viewers, and he, his wife Leah and their daughters have been featured on the Today Show, HuffPost, Parents, HLN, and many more.