When Shanquanecia Pettiway learned that she was pregnant, you could say she was more than little surprised. Pregnancy was the last thing she expected, but after the news sunk in, she knew it was time to focus on her health and prepare for her new arrival.

“I was shocked to say the least. I went to COPE Pregnancy Center and they referred me to Gift of Life,” said Pettiway. “At first, I wasn’t sure how I could do the program because I was mostly working all the time, but the Mobile Family Coaching (MFC) program seemed like a good way to get the help I needed around my work schedule.”

Mobile Family Coach Melissa Spivey said MFC’s flexibility makes it ideal for busy moms like Pettiway who have the desire to learn but are juggling work, school and/or personal obligations.

“Shanquanecia is the perfect example of what MFC was created for. She had a lot going on, plus she was working full-time. Getting the regular texts, emails and calls were a great way to keep connected and see what her needs were, until our next face-to-face session,” said Spivey.

“Shanquanecia was always very receptive to the educational materials I sent her, and you could just tell that she wanted to learn as much as she could. We would discuss the materials and the developmental toys that I’d sent her during our check-in sessions and go over what was next.”

Pettiway said Spivey has made all the difference. “She always kept me up-to-date on things. She provided articles for me to read and learn about what was happening during my pregnancy, and she was real encouraging,” said Pettiway. “After my babies were born, she was still right there to help.”

Pettiway, who works at Chappy’s Deli, is the proud mother of 11-month old fraternal twins Kaleb and Kaela Smith. The babies were born a little early at 35 weeks but are healthy, doing well and have met all of their developmental milestones.

“My twins are very active and one of the things that I learned from Melissa was how to play with them and help them develop their motor skills,” she said. “The information that I have received has been great. I can truly say my experience with the Mobile Family Coaching program has been good.”

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